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All of us here at the Perry-Taylor County Chamber of Commerce extend to you a warm welcome to a place you’ll be glad you call home – Taylor County, Florida. Come experience small town America at its best, where we have safety, security, rural charm and friendliness, as well as proximity to the hustle and bustle of big cities. We are proud of the progressive way we do business here. We have an excellent location, hardworking people, a pro-business attitude, and the unspoiled beauty of scenic North Florida. We’re sure you’ll agree that here in Taylor County we have the best of both worlds. The Chamber of Commerce works in close partnership with our businesses, industries, schools, government, and community leaders for the benefit of all. Our mission is to build a positive business environment while enhancing the community’s quality of life and promoting business.

If you are looking for a hometown atmosphere where the pace is slower, hunting and fishing are plentiful, and nature is in abundance, then our community is what you are seeking. Come, “Share Our Good Nature”.

New communities continue to develop changing the face of Taylor County. Taylor County is not only a community, but a destination for those who wish to find the ideal place to live or vacation. Read on and learn what has kept Perry and Taylor County thriving. Find out why people who live here say … why go on vacation when l have paradise right in my own backyard.


Nestled among long shady streets, just beyond the undeveloped coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, lie the warm and friendly neighborhoods of Perry. It’s a good life we share here in the Taylor County area. Nature tempts us with her beauty and, as the seasons unfold, attractions and festivals keep us well-entertained. In the Perry area, one seldom wants for more than is available just around the corner.


With a thriving local recreation department offering a multitude of organized sports and instructional programs, Perry has a variety of activities to support the pastimes of local residents. Perry has a newly constructed sports complex to cater to every age group in organized sports. Some traditional sports offered through the Recreation Department and through the local schools include baseball, basketball, football and soccer, flag football, cheerleading and swimming. Dozens of local parks offer walking trails and activities for the young and young at heart. A full service dance and gymnastics center offers modern and traditional dance, gymnastics and ballet. If water sports are more to your liking there are many water and fishing activities on the longest undeveloped coastline in the State of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico as well as the many rivers that flow through our county. Golf is more than a hobby in Perry. For many, it’s a way of life. Supporting the sport is a local public golf course and country club with all the amenities golf enthusiasts look for. For those craving the slower pace of a historic downtown setting, spend the day walking through the historic streets of Perry, shopping at local gift and antique stores.


At the heart of every strong community is a common bond, a web that is woven to touch every resident and unite all in the pursuit of a higher meaning. Each week, residents flock to churches and chapels in search of their own personal truth. With over 90 places of worship in the area, we encourage all newcomers to worship in a way befitting his or her personal beliefs.


So much of a town’s character and charm can be attributed to its neighborhoods. Far more than a collection of homes, neighborhood have a life all their own and a personality that evolves with time. Perry is a community of neighborhoods, each one unique, each with something special to offer. Many people come to our area in search of respite from crowded cities. If you are looking for a safe haven, rest assured you will find it in Perry.


Education is the key to the future. Today’s children become tomorrow’s leaders, putting education foremost in the minds of everyone. Expectations for our children have caused growth of paramount proportions in Taylor County. At the helm is the Taylor County School Board, dedicated to ensuring that quality instruction is delivered to children throughout the county. Students in Taylor County are learning to read, write and reason in new and exciting methods. Along with a thriving high school, middle school and elementary and primary schools, Taylor County is also home to the Taylor Technical Institute. In addition, Taylor County is commuting distance for several highly accredited universities and community colleges. From elementary school to post college studies, Taylor County is prepared to meet the rapidly changing academic demands of the 21 51 century.


Good health in life makes all things possible and it is a well-known fact that the state of Florida is an undisputed leader in modern medicine. As a result, some of the finest doctors and practitioners in the nation are located in Florida and consequently, in Perry, providing residents with the highest level of healthcare possible. A full service hospital, medical center and surgery center are located here with a broad range of medical services. Dozens of physicians practice in the Taylor County area, representing many specialties. The Taylor County Health Department offers general medical, prenatal and obstetric care with a wonderful staff that is devoted to providing the best care for each individual patient. Doctor’s Memorial Hospital provides many services to the residents of Taylor County as well as surrounding counties and offers the first air medical transport helicopter in the nation to be based at a rural hospital. DMH offers home health services designated to provide therapeutic and skilled care while in the comfort of home. Quality intermediate and nursing home care is also available here in our community. Whatever your level of need, the medical community of Perry and Taylor County is ready to serve you with state-of-the-art technology, genuine compassion and expert care.

Our History

History surrounds all who live in Perry and Taylor County. This city and county have triumphed with a wealth of memories to support that. Taylor County became the 341h county of Florida on December 23, 1856, and was named for President Zachary Taylor. During the earliest years of the twentieth century, railroads entered the county giving an outlet to world markets for the abundant timber products for which the area had become famous. Perry was first named Rosehead by the early Native Americans who resided in the area because of the abundance of beautiful wild rose bushes. In 1875 it was changed to Perrytown after Governor Stark Perry. Later, the “town” was dropped and the name became Perry. The first court house to be established in Taylor County was constructed from logs and built in 1858, with the first frame built courthouse following decades later in 1923. In 1910, a beautiful resort hotel patterned after the spas of the north was constructed just west of Perry. It was built with wide verandahs, swimming pool, tennis courts and a golf course. Hampton Springs Hotel was a marvel for the area. It had been built on the site of a sulfurous spring which was claimed to have highly medicinal qualities. With its own depot on the spur from Perry, trains delivered the wealthy tourists and weary industrialists directly to the resort. Pools and fountains filled with exotic fish were placed throughout the landscaped grounds. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in early 1954 when the beautiful establishment burned to the ground. No attempts were ever made to rebuild, but through preservations grants, portions of the area has been turned into a park and restored. The foundation and the sulfur spring pool still exist today. Preserving history is an important part of life in Perry. Future generations, visitors and residents all enjoy a wide variety of historic places, landmarks and cultured events celebrating the history of Florida and Taylor County.


In the heart of Florida’s Big Bend lies the proud city of Perry, a historic community forging an exciting future. The once small forestry town has progressed into a mecca of modern business. Excellent location, an educated workforce, choice sites and incentives and a wealth of natural resources make Perry the place to do business in Florida. A skilled labor force creates an environment in which new and existing business and industry can thrive.

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